Attendance cloud for the mobile workforce

Do you have teams working outdoor or in remote locations?

If your answer is yes, then you cannot do without Attend, the next-generation attendance software that leverages the power of Cloud for your Mobile Workforce.

What are the benefits?

  • Low cost setup - Attend Cloud is a self administered corporate mobile platform running on Android mobile phones and tablets
  • Attendance report - Automated web report for Attendance is updated every day along with working day detection. In case of no detected work Automatic “Absent” mark is registered
  • Location trajectory - Live real time location overview and three months’ historic location trajectory generated. Ease of location report download or viewing on the MAP
  • How does Attend work?

    With ‘Attend’ installed on your Android-enabled phones, your mobile workforce can Clock In and Out of work, log in breaks, and check the team’s real time locations 24*7 for tracking productivity. They can manage their own attendance from any location using ‘Attend’ on either a smart phone or a tablet powered by Android. Managers can map the location of every employee either on a web console or from an Android phone with ‘Attend’ installed on it.

    Noncompliance tracking

  • Phone being switched off
  • SIM card change/removal
  • Data or Location manually switched off
  • About our process.

    Mobile application for employees

    01 Application works on Android smartphone and tablets

    02 It helps registering work start time, work end time and break times

    03 Application runs in the background to monitor any movement of the personal and if it detects movement it updates the server with the updated location

    04 The system creates a location trajectory for the working hours if for details, however it also records a location log for areas visited on the timeline for very easy human reading

    Reports and Monitor

    01 Color-coded report to quickly communicate issues and good work. Good work is marked in Green and issues are marked in Red

    02 Downloadable report for importing into company ERP

    03 Historical trajectory on the map stored for 90 days for post analysis

    04 Live tracking of location on the map for available for both administrators and team members for quick reference

    Boost ATTEND

    with Pulse Field Expert!

    Add the power of the Pulse Field Expert to Attend cloud service for a 360 degree view of your mobile workforce!

    Pulse FE offers a customized data collection for the following media as data points with traditional text and numerical data and sends it to a central server for ready use:

    • Image
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Geolocation

    Add the speed of this new-age software to your portfolio for an effective field operation along with structured information for your organization to take action on.

    A free working demo of the Attend software is available here


    Answers to some frequently asked questions.

    A plan for everyone.

    Three simple ways to get started today.



    Billed yearly $60

    Billed yearly ₹3900 (+ GST)

    All features enabled

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    Billed every 3 months $27

    Billed every 3 months ₹1365 (+ GST)

    All features enabled

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    Billed every month $15

    Billed every month ₹650 (+ GST)

    All features enabled

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