Machine Vision AI


Machine Vision

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

for Image/Video/Audio

01. Machine learning

02. Batch processing of any number of image assets. Customized AI engine selection

03. Accuracy prediction score. High level of accuracy

04. Structured data input and output

AI Image Analysis

Face - Emotion - Object recognition - Logo - Category - Text reading - Web findings


01. Reasonable level of accuracy

02. Better result with better image

03. Hugely reduced man-hours for image audit/analysis

04. Very granular data

05. Tens of thousands of images can be analyzed in a short time span


Integration with any system for complete automation


01. With any database and image bucket

02. Instantaneous analysis of image on our online survey platforms for long-term projects

03. Offline processing for any data collection system


Extend beyond Image


01. Audio AI with the ability to extract transcript in many supported world languages including major Indian languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati and many others

02. Video AI to have Machine Vision-like features along with the ability to count objects, identify known objects etc